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where to start with kid606? some would say that simple words cannot describe
him but seeing as he is too lazy and/or busy to make a quicktime movie of his
life story words will have to suffice.

When not working on more emo-jungle-digital-indie-trashy-punk-noisy-wicked-
electro-techno-hardcore-IDM-soul and fuck hits to follow up his “don’t sweat
the technics” full length, in his spare time kid606 likes to do remixes for
other people or get other people to do remixes for him.

Born on july 27,1979 in caracas, venezuela, kid606 wears his leo-ness like a
cheesy 60’s playboys’ smoking jacket. While trying to be the youngest person
to make power electronics a popular form of music, he discovered rythym after
sampling zena-geva and breaking his sampler in the process of making a
breakbeat. Many many samplers later (the kid currently favors a kurzweil
k2000rs and akaiS3000xl) he joined spacewurm on there quest to
“intellectualize” gabber and also started ariel with fellow wurmer V to
“deintellectuallize” techno, both projects went the way of andy warhols vital
signs so he started recording under the name Kid606, the rest is “kid-story”.
fun facts:

kid606 also goes under the names tigerboy,scsi bear,kid666,compact digital
audio and the newly revitalized ariel which is now a solo project (which is
still dedicated to dumbing down techno, FYI)

kid606 is also in disc with renegade prog-metaller jay lesser and those
darlings of electronica and the amplified crawfish matmos.

Jud clark AKA “the circuit pimp” is actually VC recording artist INCOHERENT
who is credited on most Kid606 releases for his expert technical assistance and
wicked mods to synths and other things that go “TWEERPWLLBLKWPIJBLEEP_BLOOP”
in the night.

Kid606 is so down with cats, the furrier the better. kittens are cool to.

Kid606 like to namedrop (in no particular order)godflesh, the misfits, swans,
sex pistols, throbbing gristle, techno-animal, cramps, napalm death, ice,
neurosis, eyehategod, joy division, jesus and mary chain,richard devine, stuff
on mego like fennesz and farmers manual, mouse on mars, twisted science, vomit
lunchs, autechre/gescom, coil, public enemy, v/vm, ambush, I-sound, christoph
de babalon, pole, wutang,mase, chain reaction stuff like porter ricks, sonic
subjunkies, lexuanculpt, warsaw, good electro like schematic, romullo and his
brother, main, heroin, NWA, scala, merzbow, locust, mark van hoen, the crimson
curse, lowfish,solvent, gentle giant, the rapture, david kristian,
sensational, Dj pure, to roccoco rot, the jungle brothers, matmos, ken ishi,
photek, puppy, somatic responses, minor threat,michael nyman, steve reich and
gavin bryars.

Kid-606 in action.
Kid-606 enjoys raves, dressing up and role playing.

famous quotes include:

“the zip drived messed up my sample banks, honest”

“hey bob, how many double cds am I allowed a year?”

“I don’t even own any whitehouse records”

“did I mention I am only 19?”

“isn’t john zorn going to come and see us play the knitting factory?”

“will you do a remix for me?”

are we going to eat at Denny’s… or……….”

“just between you and me, I got drew from matmos into both chain reaction and ragga jungle”

“shut up, omniboy…I want the meatlovers pizza”

“I am setting up my equipment next to the piano”

“the cdr of stuff to remix is in the mail”

“I got game”

“you say that as if it were a bad thing”

“will your brother do a remix for me?”

“can I do a remix for you?”

“can my brother do a remix for you?”

One thought on “Kid606

  1. Dear Kid606,

    Thanks for giving me a whole new insight into music and sound. Your music is one of the few things that makes me feel so dissasociated and yet so happy at the same time. Your songs make me feel like i am destroying myself but hopefully in a good way so thanks.

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